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                        Welcome to All Out Bail Bonds of Utah

All Out Bail Bonds will do whatever it takes to help make the Bail process a good, confidential and friendly experience. FINANCING IS AVAILABLE. We will go to your House, make all Court dates, refer Attorneys and answer any questions you may have.


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"Any Jail, Any Time"  is our motto, and we stand by that.

How to bail someone out?
When bailing someone out, they would need someone to sign for the bail amount that you would need to get them out. That person is signing for the bail amount, insuring that their loved ones will go to court until the case is closed.

What do we require if someone goes to jail?
When bailing someone out of jail, we need someone to sign for the bail amount (or a cosigner) to insure the defendant is going to show up to court. We would also need 10% of the bond amount which is the state minimum charge. If the 10% is unavailable to the cosigner, All Out Bail Bonds could arrange financing of that amount!
We are with you until the very end of the case! We are statewide, and will go to any jail, anytime, 24/7.


(Results may vary from person to person)

***** I think you did amazing and it's so helpful. It let me stay calm and helped me to stay clear minded. I didn't get frustrated and then make a quick decision without completely understanding the situation and consequences due to anger. It would have been placed wrongly and it just doesn't help the situation. At the end you get to hang up and leave it behind, I have to decide what the best decision is for both myself and my son and your thoughts advice and opinions were all educated and wisely worded. It didn't feel like you just wanted my money.

***** Thank you. When I decided to call I expected someone to treat me like a criminal and be really short and impatient and it was such a pleasure to speak to someone who wouldn't be judge mental, impatient and rude to me on the phone because I asked a lot of questions. I really appreciate all your help.

***** Hi Brian, I just wanted share my experience with All Out Bail Bonds unfortunately a friend of ours was put in jail and we needed to get him out as soon as possible. A friend told us to call All Out Bail Bonds in Sandy I had know clue what I needed to do or what the process was so, I called and spoke to Steve who just happened to be out to dinner with his family but he didn't mind that I was intruding in on his family time. Steve was very kind and helpful he walked me through the process and even met with me an hour later. We ran into a problem early the next morning all we had to do was call Steve and he took care of it for us. I have had to call Steve a couple times with questions that we had and he made sure my questions were answered. Steve has even called to check to see how things are going and if we needed anything I can't thank Steve enough for his kindness.

***** A stand up guy by Scott
I was in need of a bail bondsman and a friend of mine gave me a number for Steve at all out bail bonds. I called Steve talked to him about my situation Steve took time out of his family time to meet with me later that night and very early the next morning. There has been times that I have had some questions and have called Steve and he goes out of his way to help.

***** One awesome guy! by Stacy
We had a friend who unfortunately was put in jail and I had no idea how to help get him out. I spoke to Steve at All Out Bail Bonds and he walked me through the whole process and agreed to meet me after hours.he was actually having dinner with his family, Steve has gone above and beyond the call of duty, Steve continues to stay in contact with our friend to make sure everything is well and checking to see if he needs anything, I can't thank him enough for his help.

***** Amazing bail bonds providers by Simona J
We had a family member get arrested and this is the first time this has ever happened to our family. We looked up bail bonds and we were blessed to find All Out Bail Bonds.

***** Amazing services by nenny-
We had a family member get arrested and this is the first time this has ever happened to our family. We looked up bail bonds and we were blessed to find All Out Bail Bonds.

***** Reliable Bail Bonds People by jennifer-
I am so thankful to Steve and Brian ... With this company you can rest assure your loved one will be safe. They assist you throughout the process and are very reliable. Thanks you gals keep giving hope!!!

***** A helpful company by Katija-
Brian was there with us until my husband got the bail. He took me through the complete process very patiently. it was a pathetic situation i was in during that time. But Brian helped a lot and was not like other companies who are not so concerned. Thank you fro helping us All out bail bond and a big thanks to you Brian.

***** Bailing experts by Amina J-
I am so impressed by your legal expertise and the way you conducted yourself throughout my legal proceedings. I would surely recommend you guys to all

***** At a loss for words. by Brooke-
My nerves were shot. I have never been through anything so stressful. I didn't realize there was customer service in bail bond guys. Brian settled me right down and treated me and my boyfriend like we were family. I had called at least 6 other bail bond companies before All Out, not one of them answered their phones. It WAS 2:45 A:M however but they advertised 24 hours. Brian picked on the first ring and my boyfriend was released from Jail by 10 A:M. Brian has kept in touch still keeping us up on court dates etc. We have never seen such courtesy. Thank You All Out and Brian.

***** More than just a bail bonds company! by dckbrn-
Steve and Brian were awesome. They really made a horrible situation easier. They go the extra mile and will help out however needed. After my husband was in jail, they were very instrumental in helping me to get his personal effects from the jail before they usually release them. I had to check on the house where my husband was arrested, and worried about my safety. Steve and Brian went to the house with me and stayed until I could make sure it was empty! I am pretty certain you won’t get that type of service from your run of the mill bail bonds company. Steve would call and check on me to see if I was doing okay or needed anything. They also would keep in contact with my husband while in jail. They even offered to pick him up and bring him home for me! Once he was out, they called just to make sure we were doing okay. They encouraged us to call at anytime if we needed help or had questions. Between the two of them they have years of experience in both law enforcement and bail bonds and it shows in their advice of what to expect, professionalism, compassion and customer service. We were very lucky and glad we chose All Out Bail Bonds. They go beyond just bailing someone out.

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